Resume & Portfolio

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Developmental Editing & Copyediting

Middle Grade
Dragon’s Future (Dragon Courage Book 1) by Kandi J Wyatt (Booktrope), August 2015
Dragon’s Heir (Dragon Courage Book 2) by Kandi J Wyatt (Booktrope), December 2015
Dragon’s Revenge (Dragon Courage Book 3) by Kandi J Wyatt (Booktrope), Forthcoming April 2016
The King of Average by Gary Schwartz (Booktrope), October 2016
Billy Has a Birthday (Billy Growing Up Book 1) by James Minter (Self-published), October 2016
Billy and Ant Fall Out (Billy Growing Up Book 2) by James Minter (Self-published), Forthcoming 2016
The Misadventures of Princess Sydney – Have Parentals, Will Travel (Princess Sydney Book 2) by Chris Minich (Booktrope), November 2015
The Curious Snowflake by James Struck (Booktrope), November 2015

Young Adult
Sade on the Wall by Kaylene Campbell (Booktrope), September 2015

New Adult
The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos by Elizabeth Barone (Booktrope), Forthcoming February 2016
Diving Into Him (South of Forever Book 1) by Elizabeth Barone (Booktrope), Forthcoming May 2016

Romantic Suspense
Breathe by Kennedy Kelly (Booktrope), Forthcoming February 2016


Salvage by Duncan Ralston (Booktrope), November 2015

Historical Fiction
Invisible by Day by Teri Fink (Booktrope), Forthcoming March 2016


Fact Checking

Corporate Board Member Magazine, May 2005 – June 2009
Researched all details of story drafts to ensure accuracy, contacted sources and story subjects to verify information; work ranged from cover stories to company and CEO/CFO/board member profiles and general business stories