Rates & Services

Services offered:

Proofreading This is a final pass through your already edited manuscript to make sure there are no typos or mistakes.

Copyediting (Light/medium editing) Corrections primarily for grammar and syntax issues; may include some developmental comments.

Developmental Editing (Heavy editing) Includes copyediting + edits and notes on overall structural issues, pacing, and characterization; may include light fact-checking as needed.

Proofreading (0.5 cents/word, One round)

Timeframe: Up to two weeks

I’ll take one pass through the manuscript to mark grammar mistakes, inconsistencies in punctuation and usage, and typos. If anything jumps out at me as being wildly inconsistent with the story or characters, I will flag it for you, though this isn’t what I’m specifically looking for as a proofreader.


Copyediting (1.0 cents/word, One round)

Timeframe: Up to two weeks

I will read through your manuscript in its entirety and perform a line-by-line review for proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, and typos. I will also make suggestions for alternative word choices and sentence restructuring as needed, and flag any obvious problem areas in your manuscript.


Developmental Editing (2.0 cents/word, Two rounds of editing, detailed notes on first pass)

Timeframe: First pass: 1 week per every 100 pages of double-spaced 12 pt manuscript; Second pass: Up to 5 days per every 100 pages of double-spaced 12 pt manuscript

I will first read through and try to avoid making any edits (so difficult!) as I attempt to get a handle on the story, characters, and author’s style, taking notes as I go. I’ll then take another pass through to mark grammar mistakes and typos, as well as noting any issues with consistency and making suggestions for improving structure, characterization, etc. Finally, I’ll take one more quick read through (or spot check, depending on how extensive my edits were) to make sure I didn’t miss anything and that my suggestions and notes still make sense. This is my first pass.

Second pass editing consists of reviewing an author’s changes and responding to any queries, then reading through the entire manuscript one more time and marking any additional edits.

Upon request, I will review specific problem areas beyond second pass.