I love working with authors to help make their manuscripts the best they can be. I’m highly detail oriented and deadline focused, and I enforce the highest standards for the projects I manage. As the closest reader of content, I will also work with authors to help translate their content into successful marketing materials.

By day, I’m a project manager for a large textbook publisher. I’ve worked with textbook authors to develop several first editions that went on to be bestsellers, and I’ve worked with authors on many mature revisions to help refine pedagogy and streamline exposition. Since March 2015, I have been freelancing for Booktrope Publishing as an editor and proofreader.

From my many years in educational publishing, I’ve come to understand that the editor-author relationship is a partnership, and I know how to push authors to do their best work while juggling multiple priorities and enforcing strict deadlines; even the most challenging authors I’ve worked with have thanked me afterward for driving them to make their books stronger and keeping them on task!

When I’m not editing, you’ll most likely find me reading and cuddling with my cats, Homer and Biff. I’m also a fan of watching TV and movies when I can, cooking, working out, and going on walks around Boston while listening to more podcasts than you would ever believe.


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